Serena Williams Vegan Clothingline

Speaking to WWD earlier this year, she said: ‘The customer is a girl or a woman who believes in herself, or wants to believe in herself; maybe she’s feeling unconfident that day. And someone that is unapologetically themselves, and that maybe they stand out; maybe they stand out because they are strong or they’re beautiful or they want to not be the norm. Our woman is someone who looks at fashion as a compass to show who they are, to show what they are.’

The line is made up of 100 items, ranging from sports bras to denim pieces and lounge pants to bodycon ‘goddess’ dresses.

Williams has drawn from her own experience as an art student, businesswoman and mother to create a collection that inspires multitalented women.

On her website, she explains: ‘I know it’s not always about perfection, but being prepared for whatever life throws in your direction. My designs are inspired by strong, sexy, sophisticated, sassy, sure, smart, stylish, silly and spontaneous women who are living their best lives, or making it up as they go – kinda like me. Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another. We’re strongest when we cheer each other on.’

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